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CI Therapy is unique recovery technique after a stroke

The newest medical technology was recognized as one of the 10 best achievements of neuroscience of the 20th century and one of the 10 most promising areas in neurology

CI-Therapy - stroke recovery

CI Therapy (USA) is a unique rehabilitation program restoring movements in the paralyzed limbs after a stroke. The program is based on the use of a very intensive and conceptually precisely aimed training of the affected limb.

CI Therapy - stroke recovery

There are only two clinics in Europe, that have a certificate from the University of Alabama on courses on CI Therapy and the possibility of using this unique technique in their clinical practice – one is in the Czech Republic, the other one is in Ukraine – the “Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko.” Rehabilitation program is developed individually for each patient.

What is the CI Therapy?

CI Therapy

(Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy) was developed by Professor Edward Taub (Alabama University, Birmingham, USA).

This is the most effective approach in neurorehabilitation, which allows using the unique possibilities of our brain to neuroplasticity, i.e. to self-regeneration.

CI Therapy

is aimed at overcoming the “conscious non-usage” of an ailing hand, as well as improving the motor functions with the help of two basic principles:

  • immobilization of a healthy hand;
  • intensive and conceptually aimed training of an affected hand.

CI Therapy

The complex of exercises consists of a series of procedures, during which a special glove is put on the patient’s healthy hand, and all movements are performed by the patient with his ailing hand. This facilitates the plastic reorganization of the cerebral cortex responsible for movement, and, as a result, leads to a noticeable improvement in the motor activity of the affected hand.


3 hours of everyday treatment in the clinic


The duration of the course is 30 hours


Therapy requires 10 days for the full course

The duration of the CI Therapy in the Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko is 30 hours (3 hours every day during 10 days in the clinic)

CI Therapy

Is unique technique is the only method of neurorehabilitation of stroke patients which leads to positive changes in the brain structures and significantly improves the quality of movement and the number of usage of the affected hand of the patient in everyday life.

For CI Therapy patients must meet certain criteria:

  • it should be not less than 6 months after a stroke;it should be not less than 6 months after a stroke;
  • the patient should be able to understand the doctor’s instructions;
  • the patient should be able to sit without help;
  • the patient should be able to perform minor active movements (without help) with his wrist and fingers.

CI Therapy helps a person after a stroke to restore lost self-care skills and to return the joy of a fulfilling life.



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