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The basis of the method is the patient’s inhalation of a gas mixture identical in composition to the mountain air, i.e. it has reduced oxygen content. Figuratively speaking, with the help of hypoxic therapy you can climb the mountains in a matter of minutes and then return to the plain.

To conduct hypoxic therapy “Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko” uses Hypoxico ® system (manufactured by Hypoxico Inc., USA).

“Hypoxico Inc.” is the first company in the world to receive a patent for manufacturing of hypoxic therapy system. It is the owner of patents permitting hypoxic training in medicine, which guarantees the effectiveness and safety of this method for treating patients.

Hypoxi therapy

Hypoxico ® Training Box system is equipped with an electronic control system, which allows creating individual programs of hypoxic therapy for each patient.

The safety of carrying out hypoxic therapy is guaranteed by the built-in HEPA-filter, which provides up to 99.99% purification of the air that gets the patient.

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter by Nonin (USA) allows you to determine the level of oxygen saturation of hemoglobin and select the program of hypoxic therapy in the most proper way.


Hypoxic therapy is used to treat and prevent the following diseases:

  • circulatory disturbance (stroke, heart attack);
  • diabetes and its complications;
  • atherosclerosis and its complications;
  • anemia;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • bronchitis;
  • atopic dermatitis, psoriasis;
  • adenoiditis;
  • prevention of late toxicosis of pregnant women and prevention of fetal hypotrophy;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;

Hypoxi therapy


Hypoxic therapy activates the body’s own forces, this is why the possibilities of this method are great. Breathing with rarefied air does not stimulate or suppress immunity, but normalizes its functioning.

It is established that a new capillary network is formed in the brain, liver, kidneys and heart: in the brain the number of blood vessels increases by 80%, in the heart muscle – by 56%, in the lungs – by 56%, in the liver – by 50%. Thus, hypoxic therapy improves the blood supply to the brain and other organs, helping to optimize their work.

Hypoxic therapy eliminates spasm of bronchioles, stimulates metabolic processes in cells, increases blood circulation and improves lung ventilation. Smooth muscles of the bronchi relax, and suffocation stops, which allows this method to be used in treating bronchial asthma and other diseases of the bronchopulmonary system.

Under the influence of hypoxic therapy, the hemoglobin level rises and the number of red body cells increases, which is used to treat anemia.

In diabetics after a course of hypoxic therapy the doses of sugar-reducing drugs can be reduced by 20-25%. After hypoxic therapy, cholesterol level goes down by 30%, after three months – by 40%.

Science has proved that hypoxic therapy is almost the only physiological method that allows activating human brain stem cells. And this means that people who have had a stroke have a real hope. Hypoxic therapy forces the reserve stem cells of the body, whose functions are almost universal, to “wake up” and replace the dead cells of the brain.

Very interesting is the use of hypoxic therapy to reduce the biological age of the organism, i.e. achieve the effect of rejuvenation. After the course of procedures, the biological age of a person is reduced by 5 years.


“Neurological clinic of Dr. Yatsenko” is the only medical institution in Ukraine that uses the Hypoxico ® system for controlled normobaric hypoxic therapy.


The technique is provided by sophisticated high-tech equipment Hypoxico ® (manufactured by Hypoxico Inc., USA), which allows using the software test module to select the most optimal therapeutic mode for the patient and to monitor it throughout the procedure.

The procedure is easy to tolerate. There are no unpleasant sensations or suffocation effect. The patient can watch movies or do other things during the session.


The effectiveness of hypoxic therapy can be judged by its results: over a long period of application of hypoxic therapy in clinics and research institutes all over the world a huge amount of practical and scientific evidence of the high effectiveness of this method has been collected.

The method is effective in 87% of adults.


Course of therapy includes 10-15 sessions.

There are no age restrictions.


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