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Physiotherapy exercises are individual sessions given by physical therapist according to a special program of dosed physical workloads.


Interesting motor activity is necessary for every child for normal development. Nowadays many children do not have enough of movement. There are children who avoid moving games, prefer to sit, lie, and watch TV.

Or vice versa: the child is constantly in motion, but his movements are very inaccurate, uncoordinated.

Many children at very early manifest posture disorder and problems in the formation of feet.

Physiotherapy is prescribed to children:

  • With neurological problems (motor hyperactivity syndrome, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders, neuroses and neurosis-like conditions);
  • With orthopedic problems (posture disorder, scoliosis, paresis and contracture);
  • For prevention (normalization of muscle tone, body weight, formation of muscle corset, increased immunity).

Physiotherapy for children


Reading and writing are also movements. But these are very fine and complicated movements with participation of many muscles. Fine movements are formed on the basis of large movements of the whole body. If the brain can not control the arms and legs, it is very difficult for it to control the tongue, fingers, and movements of the eyeballs. This is one of the reasons for the disturbance of the development of oral and written speech.

Physical therapy exercises are not only a therapeutic and preventive tool, but also an educational impact. Many children have specific problems with the motor system. These problems can not be solved by giving the child simply to the sports section. The same thing will happen in group classes of physical therapy.

That is why “Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko” offers only individual sessions, during which an experienced physical therapist makes a workout plan that helps any child to achieve results quickly. During the session, physical workloads are strictly dosed according to the characteristics of each kid.

This is what makes such workouts most effective. Therefore, physical therapy workout in the “Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko” is carried out only individually: one child – one instructor.

Therapeutic physical training facilitates: acceleration of metabolism; achievement of the optimal balance of substances that affect behavior, mood and emotions; stimulation of protective mechanisms and restoration of disturbed functions of the body.

When the course is completed, an individual workout set is created for rehabilitation program performed by child at home.

Physiotherapy for children


Sessions are only individual. They are held in the developing space, and not in the usual gym. Therefore, the child is interested and is engaged in the activity with pleasure. The method of dosed workload was developed by specialists of the “Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko”.

Physiotherapy for children


For the child’s mental and physical development, motor planning is very important – the ability to memorize and perform series of movements. Sessions are built on the principle of “obstacle course” – a certain route that the child goes through during the exercises. The combination of habitual and new movements ensures the work of the brain and body in the most effective mode.

The physiotherapy program is based on the results of neurological diagnostics and is constantly adjusted during the course of sessions. Children use fit balls (gymnastics balls), perform exercises for coordination of movements and balance, power and aerobic workloads.

Children change drastically even after only one course of treatment. He not only starts moving better, but also becomes more attentive, purposeful, efficient.

When the course is completed, an individual workout set is created for rehabilitation program performed by child at home.

Physiotherapy for children


Regular sessions 3-4 times a week are necessary. The course consists of ten 30 minutes sessions.

Physiotherapy for children

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