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Interactive metronome® is a high-tech developing technique used to improve the sense of rhythm, sense of time, ability to organize movements and information. This computer corrective program was developed by Interactive Metronome Company (USA).

Interactive metronome® for children


The sense of time is decisive for children’s rehabilitation. The principle of the Interactive Metronome is based on the correction of temporal relations in the activity of the cerebral cortex.

Numerous clinical studies conducted by various scientists clearly show that insufficiency in motor planning is the cause of various problems in the motor sphere and development of the child. In other words, an underdeveloped sense of rhythm and time often leads to problems with:

  • Concentration of attention;
  • Coordination and movement;
  • Speech;
  • Behavior.

Sessions are prescribed to children with:

  • Disturbance of oral and written speech;
  • Disturbance of attention, hyperactivity;
  • Disorders of autistic spectrum;
  • Stuttering;
  • Ticks;
  • Disturbance of coordination of movements (children’s cerebral palsy).


Any purposeful activity requires ordering the movements and foresight of the result. This is called “motor planning”.

Some children find it difficult to concentrate on performing task; memorize and execute instructions consisting of several parts; organize their activities; carry out tasks to the end.

American scientists have found out that all these problems often have a common cause – disturbance of brain functions, responsible for planning actions over time, remembering and reproducing sequences of actions.

Scientists believe that the sense of time and the sense of rhythm is the basis for mastering any skills, including reading, writing and counting.

If there are problems with a sense of rhythm and a sense of time, then usually suffers not only coordination of major movements, but also speech, and even mental activity. These brain functions can be trained.

Interactive metronome® for children


First should be performed an estimation of the sense of rhythm and sense of time. Thanks to many years of research Interactive Metronome Company, the standards for each age group are known.

Exercises are performed using a sensory glove or a sensory pad. The child hears rhythmic beats through the headphones and tries to synchronize his movements with them: clapping his hands or stomping his foot.

Interactive Metronome® objectively assesses the ability to correlate movements with the beat rhythm. The results, estimated in millisecond time intervals, are taken into account in the scale, which shows the quality of the motor planning.

Then a training program is prepared. Training is given with the assistance of an instructor.

Interactive Metronome® provides “feedback” – auditory and visual. The child can see on the screen of the monitor how accurately he performs the task. On the basis of feedback, he can correct his movements. Gradually attention and stamina of a kid increase.


Interactive Metronome® was created in 1994 by American scientists to develop a sense of rhythm among musicians. Doctors and teachers became interested in this. In the beginning Interactive Metronome® was being used in work with athletes. Then the studies proved the effectiveness of using Interactive Metronome® for children with academic problems.

Training results in normalization of patients’ pace and rhythm of speech. It develops the function of programming and implementing of speech utterance. Skills of reading, writing, and math skills are being improved, as well as gait. Children become more attentive, they focus better on the performing of tasks. Behavior becomes better and impulsiveness decreases.

Interactive metronome® for children


“Neurological clinic of Dr. Yatsenko” was the first in Ukraine to use Interactive Metronome® program for training children.


The optimal results can be achieved by having several courses, which makes 40 sessions together. Sessions are held 3-4 times a week. The duration of each session is 20 minutes.

Children from 4-5 years old can take this therapy.

Interactive metronome® for children

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