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Individual sessions with an instructor on special simulators aimed at the motor development of a child with cerebral palsy.

  • Did you know that according to statistics, up to 80% of children with cerebral palsy and their parents fail in rehabilitation and abandon it, not achieving anything?
  • Do you know what the main cause of failure is?
  • No, not in the absence of knowledge about rehabilitation – there is really a lot of this information now. And not even in the absence of motivation – for many this is a passed stage, and they are just burning with the desire to rehab their child!

In fact, the main reason is known for a long time – these are technical difficulties!

“Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko” successfully copes with this problem: for rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy we use two unique simulators – “UniKreslo” (Uni-Armchair) and “ShagoHod” (StepRover).

Stimulators training for children



In addition to a sharp decline in the quality of life, limitation of the motor activity of children with cerebral palsy leads to the occurrence of such complications as muscular dystrophy, pneumonia, dysfunction of the pelvic organs, etc. Sessions with the simulators help to avoid the occurrence of these problems.

Sessions with simulators are prescribed to children with cerebral palsy who have paresis or paralysis of the hands (arms) and feet, standing and walking function disorder.


When rehabilitating children with cerebral palsy, there is a need for multiple passive and active flexions and extensions of the child’s body in the lumbar region; passive and active flexion and extension of the upper and lower extremities for muscular training and contracture development.

This problem is solved by “Unikreslo” (Uni-Armchair), which contributes to the development of all major muscle groups of our body: back, abdomen, lower and upper extremities, neck, pectoral muscles.

To teach a child with cerebral palsy to walk, it is necessary to have stepper automatism, that is, the ability to control his legs in an upright position, withstand static and dynamic workloads when moving in an upright position. “Shagohod”(StepRover) teaches the child to control his legs and feet.

Stimulators training for children


During sessions with “Unikreslo” (Uni-Armchair) a child can passively bend and straighten his upper and lower limbs and body in the lumbar region. In this case, happens the development of contractures in the elbows, hip, knee, ankle and wrist joints; muscular tone is strengthened; increase the strength and volume of muscles in the limbs, trunk, abdominal press.

After restoring muscle tone and developing contractures with “Unikreslo” (Uni-Armchair), a child can already be trained with “Shagohod” (StepRover). “Shagohod” (StepRover) allows performing simultaneously passive and active movements (flexion and extension) in the upper and lower limbs. Therefore, the device is effective for the restoration of muscle tone of the limbs and back, as well as for the development of contractures in the joints of the arms and hands and feet.

Sometimes a child can independently move the platforms for feet while working on the “Shagohod” (StepRover) only from the second or from the third attempt. But as soon as this happens, the kid will be surprised to notice that with each approach stepper movements with simulator are getting easier and easier. Simultaneously, the patient’s endurance increases, the muscles of the legs, back, chest, and abdomen are trained.


“Neurological Clinic of Dr. Yatsenko” is the only clinic in Ukraine that uses high-performance simulators – “Unikreslo” (Uni-Armchair) and “Shagohod” (StepRover) – in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy.


Thanks to the course of sessions, there is a bright improvement in the psycho-emotional status, sleep and general well-being are normalized. There is an increase in muscle tone of the limbs and trunk.

Laboratory studies have shown a dramatic improvement in tissue blood flow in the limbs, an increase in the vital capacity of the lungs (up to 90%).

After training on simulators contractures were developed in all patients or the angles of deflection in the joints increased by 40-70% from the initial level.

There is an improvement in motor activity of the children: the amplitude of movements in all joints increases, stepping automatism appears.


It is required to take 3-4 courses for 10-15 sessions.

Children from 2-3 years old can take this therapy.


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